Ebook Design

Sample Covers

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Cover of Courting Magic ebook

Ebook: Courting Magic

Cover of In the Morning Light ebook

Ebook: In the Morning Light

Cover of The Lost Boy ebook

Ebook: The Lost Boy

Cover of The Tyranny of Heroes ebook

Ebook: The Tyranny of Heroes

Cover of Bone Roads ebook

Ebook: Bone Roads

Cover of Scattered Among Strange Worlds ebook

Ebook: Scattered Among Strange Worlds

Cover of Undead Philosophy 101 ebook

Ebook: Undead Philosophy 101

Cover of Some Girlfriends Can ebook

Ebook: Some Girlfriends Can

Cover of Finisterre ebook

Ebook: Finisterre

Cover of Uncle Vernon's Lie ebook

Ebook: Uncle Vernon's Lie

Cover of Dueling Magics ebook

Ebook: Dueling Magics

Cover of Camelot ebook

Ebook: Camelot

Cover of A Veil, a Meal, and Dust ebook

Ebook: A Veil, a Meal, and Dust

Cover of At the Gates ebook

Ebook: At the Gates

Cover of Crab Apple ebook

Ebook: Crab Apple

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