Editing Services

I offer a variety of editing services for fantasy and science fiction books. Please check out the options below, and please don't hesitate to shoot me a message if you have any questions.

Pages of an edited manuscript lying on a table.

Simple Manuscript Critique

What is a Critique?

A critique is a check on whether the key components of your book are working. You might consider it as a traditional beta read, but with more depth and analysis. In a tradional beta read, your reader will give their reactions to the book after reading it, usually including what they liked, what they didn't, where they lost interest, and so on. The service I offer is more in-depth and offers more analysis.

I read your manuscript once, review it, and provide you with an overall report on the important elements of the story. This report is designed to let you know of any big problems that your manuscript might have, including problems with characters, pacing, plot, and so on. It does not usually include detailed fixes but may include more general suggestions.

When Should I get a Critique?

The best time for a critique is when you have finished a draft, or when you have done your first revision, but before you have polished your book. A critique normally comes before a developmental edit or editorial report.

How much does it cost?

The typical cost for a simple manuscript critique is $5 per thousand words.

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Editorial Report

What is an editorial report?

This is a lighter version of a developmental edit.

An editorial report, sometimes called a manuscript evaluation, is similar to a developmental edit, but it does not go into the same depth and does not usually involve inline comments on the manuscript itself. You will receive a report detailing the core aspects of your manuscript, as well as ways to improve it.

When Should I Get an Editorial Report?

An editorial report, like a developmental edit, should be requested when you have a completed manuscript, but before any line edits. Some authors prefer to have more than one round of editing, and in this case, an editorial report would be the first, giving you a chance to fix major problems before a more detailed edit.

How much does it cost?

The typical cost for an editorial report is $12 per thousand words.

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Pages of an edited manuscript lying on a table.

Developmental Edit

What is a Developmental Edit?

This is the most comprehensive editing service I offer.

A developmental edit is an in-depth, big-picture look at all the major aspects of your book: characterization, plot, story, worldbuilding, pacing, structure, and so on. I will read your manuscript multiple times and provide a detailed report on all these aspects, as well as a breakdown of the book, what works, what doesn't, and recommendations on how to improve your manuscript and fix problems with it. You will also receive inline comments in the manuscript itself.

When Should I get a Developmental Edit?

When you have a completed manuscript. You might want to have it read by beta readers first so you can fix easy and obvious problems, or you may prefer to send it as soon as it is complete. A developmental edit should come before any line edits, copy edits, or proofreading, as it may lead to substantial changes to the manuscript.

How much does it cost?

The typical cost for a developmental edit is $15-$30 per thousand words, depending on how much work your manuscript requires and what exactly you want doing. For example, if you require guidance on restructuring many individual scenes within the manuscript, you would expect to pay more than if you are only interested in big-picture editorial suggestions. We will agree a cost before the edit starts.

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